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Who is the man behind the curtain?

Me and Tooth

I’m the lucky one of a bunch of Steve Frey’s that snagged my name as a domain, that’s all. Not too big of a deal (unless we get talking about something I like or know a little about–then I’ll try to make you believe otherwise!). My site has gone through many different themes/purposes but has always sort of centered around pics of cool trips I’ve been on. At one point, I though I might have had a photography knack, but I’ve ditched the effort to make everything an award-winning shot in exchange for just documenting where I was and what I did. I try not to bore folks with pointless personal vacation pics (plus, that’s pretty weird to have you all browsing through them, being personal and all) and my intent of posting it is two fold: entertain you a little bit and to possibly enlighten you for use on your own trip.

You won’t find advertisements here despite my moderately popular NC driver’s license exam prep drawing regular requests to do so. Everything on this site is 100% from my brain and presented with no strings attached (as far as viewing and reading go). Any links that show up here to external sites are for enhancing what I’m talking about in that respective post. Don’t worry about being taken to some foreign vitamin suppliers’ website! This isn’t done for money; it’s just a relief valve that keeps me from boring the wife with my endless babble!

The content of my posts is all typically from memory and is presented with no warranty that its gospel on that topic. If you find something that may be wrong or needing an update, feel free to drop me a message or simply comment on that post’s page.