Well, It’s About Time!

Glad you made it, for whatever reason.

Here it is in all its glory: SteveFrey.com. I’m honored that you thought it was worth a few minutes to stop by. Take a look around and let me know if I can help you with anything.┬áThis place is affectionately known as my online brain dump. It’s a collection of hiking reports, miscellaneous adventures, DIY how-to guides, and other odds and ends I thought I’d share with folks who might be looking for the same thing. If you’ve got a question about anything, leave a comment on a post or drop me a line on the contact form.

Click the “hamburger” button (that’s what the cool kids call it, I think) in the top-right corner of the site to access a hidden menu that will give you more options for browsing posts here. You can search, see popular post tags, and see the popular posts (by page visits).